At Hospitality Staffing we recruit non-stop. As a result, we find and catalog the best candidates in the industry. We are crucial to our clients' recruiting success because we inform active and passive job seekers of career advancement opportunities regardless of present day employment status.

Benefits to You:

  • We help you define your career goals and a timeline for achieving them
  • We save you the hassle of forwarding resumes and completing applications
  • We notify you of advancement opportunities, most of which are unadvertised
  • We market your skills, background, and job interests to industry contacts
  • We protect your confidentiality until you ask us to release your identity
  • We help critique resumes and offer interviewing tips and suggestions
  • We present the benefits of "you" to hiring authorities
  • We assist you in negotiating a more lucrative salary package
  • We charge the hiring company for our services, meaning . . . No cost to you!